Qiao Gu

I am a Master’s student in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, where I am fortunate to work in the R-Pad Lab with Prof. David Held and Prof. Martial Hebert. My current research interest lies in computer vision and robot learning.

Prior to joining CMU, I spent four wonderful years at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where I have been lucky to work with Prof. Chi-Keung Tang and Prof. Yu-Wing Tai in computer vision and style transfer. I also had an internship in Tencent Youtu Lab.

I have a great passion for making robots that perceive the world as humans do. I am excited that I will be joining University of Toronto as a CS Ph.D. student this fall, advised by Florian Shkurti.


* indicates equal contribution.
ZePHyR: Zero-shot Pose Hypothesis Rating
Brian Okorn*, Qiao Gu*, Martial Hebert, David Held,
International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2021
[paper] [video] [project page]
Deep Video Matting via Spatio-Temporal Alignment and Aggregation
Yanan Sun, Guanzhi Wang, Qiao Gu, Chi-Keung Tang, Yu-Wing Tai,
Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021
iQUANT: Interactive Quantitative Investment Using Sparse Regression Factors
Xuanwu Yue, Qiao Gu, Deyun Wang, Huamin Qu, Yong Wang,
EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization (EuroVis), 2021
LADN: Local Adversarial Disentangling Network for Facial Makeup and De-Makeup
Qiao Gu*, Guanzhi Wang*, Mang Tik Chiu, Yu-Wing Tai, Chi-Keung Tang,
International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019
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Characterizing Fluid Response and Sepsis Progression in Emergency Department Patients
Qiao Gu, Varesh Prasad, Thomas Heldt,
International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC), 2019
PreserVis, a Visual Analytic System for Traffic and Pollution Patterns
Qiao Gu, Hang Yin, Lian Chen, Haotian Li, Chengzhong Liu, Xuanwu Yue, Huamin Qu,
IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), 2017
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  • HKUST Academic Achievement Medal (2019)
  • HKSAR Government Scholarships (2017-2019)
  • High Fashion Charitable Foundation Exchange Scholarships (2018)
  • Mr. Armin and Mrs. Lillian Kitchell Undergraduate Research Award (2018)
  • HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund - Reaching Out Award (2017)
  • HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund - Talent Development Scholarship (2017)
  • Dean’s List (2015-2019)